Arend-Jan Majoor

in Speaker, Frismakers Festival 2012
Founder and Program Manager

Arend-Jan Majoor is a pure innovator. He always has many new ideas and is excited to get more out of himself and other innovative people. With this motivation, he is working on a daily basis with Frismakers, as an entrepreneur and program manager.

He loves to understand people and organizations, to surprise them and motivate them to their next step. Arend-Jan Majoor studied International Business Administration at the University of Maastricht. After having started at Unilever and Shell he founded Frismakers. They offer professionals an innovative program of 300 seconds presentations, training and expert meetings, personal and incompany support.

Frismakers' slogan is, translated into german, 'Abschauen und Inspiration ist erlaubt'. Arend-Jan Majoor has access to dozens of innovative case studies of large Dutch companies such as Heijmans, KLM, Menzis and FrieslandCampina. All innovative companies in the field of Business development, Social media, Smart working, Sustainability and Leadership. They embrace Frismakers' for and by philosophy, if you innovate you learn fastest and best by sharing best practices with others.

People say about him, with a lot of energy Arend-Jan knows how to touch people. Complex debates he simply brings to the heart and he has an eye for the practical hints. Arend-Jan provides training in the field of Smart working,  Presenting in 300 seconds and Business modeling by method of Alexander Osterwalder.

Arend-Jan Majoor will hold a 300-Second-Presentation about the Making of Frismakers.


Diese Präsentation wird auf Englisch gehalten werden.